A Fail-Safe Way to Knacker Both Human and Dog

You know you’re going to have a good weekend when you get to call this home for it…

The end of the half term brought on a trip away to Falmouth to have a weekend of adventure. As we have decided to walk the Cornwall stretch of the South West Coast Path this year with anytime we have free, this provided the perfect opportunity to get some of it done. We had a lovely walk from Lizard Point to Kynance Cove, where Poppy made a friend we later named Nugget.

The sea was very angry with HUGE waves. I mean huge! You certainly would not have wanted to be in the water with them.

The walk was lovely and sunny, and we even managed to eat at the café back at Lizard Point OUTSIDE. In the SUN. IN FEBRUARY. No, this is not a drill, it actually happened. Not only that but we managed to eat outside today for lunch too! CRAZY! Certainly not complaining.

Staying in our cosy little cottage we were very close to Maenporth beach which meant more coastal path walks were literally just a stone’s throw away.

This was a great weekend, despite the fact that the Rugby did not go our way (luckily Poppy decided she would be a therapy spaniel and look after me when we lost), I would recommend it to anyone wanting a getaway for a weekend down south as there was plenty to do, lots to eat and miles to explore!

Caution: Do not take your dog away if you do not want them to sleep for the next three days. (Poppy is knackered).

If you have any questions about our trip away or any recommendations on places to go, we would love to hear from you!

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