Anti-Pull Leads. Do They Really Work?!

Whether your pooch thinks they’re a train and tows you along like no tomorrow or whether they think they’re a sledge dog, it is safe to say that when a dog pulls it’s not the nicest. The feeling of your shoulders getting wrenched from your socket or the relentless battle with holding your dog back is TIRING. NOW TRY DOING THAT WITH AT LEAST FOUR DOGS A DAY?! Honestly, who’d want to be a dog walker… 😉

Luckily for me, the good people at Dogs asked me to trial out their anti-pull lead, so I have tried it with a few of my worst offenders over the past couple of weeks to see how it got on.

I’m not going to lie, when I was first contacted by them, I thought it was a scam. Turns out it wasn’t, and they’re really nice. Yay! Secondly, I viewed the dog lead on amazon and I thought ‘how on earth is this going to stop a dog from pulling?’ All it looked like was a bit of bungee attached to a normal lead. I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about it but who cares?! it was a free lead right? All I had to do was trial it out. I definitely wasn’t losing out on anything.

When the lead arrived, I have to say, I very much liked it. The quality felt good and I liked the branding too. (Hello Dragon’s Den, sign me up, I can invest a total of £5). But yeah, it was nice, unlike a lot of leads currently on the market.

I took the lead initially out with one of the gorgeous staffies I walk, Ruby. Now, she is a PULLER. She loves life and wants to go everywhere at 100mph. Talk about jumping in at the deep end for this product test?! (Definitely haven’t talked about jumping… or water..) Now I could really see if my initial thoughts would come to fruition. Ruby started her walk like normal. Very excited to see everyone and anything. Inevitably this meant she went to pull. As she went to pull the first time, I braced myself so my arm wouldn’t be yanked off and low and behold it wasn’t. As she pulled, the bungee extended and made the pulling much comfier for my arm. It’s safe to say I hardly felt a thing. The bungee absorbs the shock of the pull so if your dog does pull it’s much nicer for you. As the walk went on I noticed that she wasn’t pulling as much either. I think that it was as much a battle for her to pull against the bungee as it was for the bungee to stop her from pulling and this meant that after a while she decided to walk nicely.

I was SHOCKED. Really?! One of my pulliest (is that even a word?) dogs had been defeated already. Now don’t get me wrong, she still tried to pull every now and then, it’s not a case of clip the lead on and some Harry Potter magic happens and they just stop pulling, but the pulling certainly improved. My walk was much calmer as Ruby was now walking nicer and not trying to pull me over every two seconds. RESULT!

I tried out the lead on many other of my dogs throughout the week. From spaniels to collies, the lead had the same results. It didn’t stop the pulling immediately or completely but it definitely decreased the amount of pulling and when my pooch did pull, it felt much nicer on my arm.

I have trialled it on 5 dogs over the last couple of weeks and I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised.

If you were to buy this lead, you can’t expect it to work a miracle. Your dog won’t stop pulling straight away, it may not stop pulling at all. However, with the use of this lead, the pulling will be more manageable and less stressful for you. It may decrease the amount of pulling your dog does too which would be nice.

My only negative comment about the lead, is when a dog isn’t pulling, the lead itself is very long and this causes it to get trapped under legs etc but if your dog stops pulling altogether, you could just detach the bungee cord and use the lead as you’ve still got a very nice quality lead to use.

It is certainly going to be the ‘go to’ lead I use for dogs that pull as it makes my life much easier.

This is how happy that makes me feel

As I am not trying to sell the product, I won’t give you a link to buy it, however if you are genuinely interested in purchasing one, feel free to contact me and I will point you in the right direction of where you can buy it.

Stay tuned for more reviews on dog items, which might possibly change your life!? (Massive claim, but we’ll go with it)

Lots of love,

Explorer Paws

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