Bank Holiday Adventures

So, this post has been a long time coming. It’s a little blog about our trip to Hereford and the surrounding areas in the Easter holidays, but before I get into that I have to go even further back in time to tell you why we ended up going on this little weekend getaway in the first place.

Last year Lauren was having a spending moment and booked us in to stay at this AirBnB in Hereford. Well that was quick… and underwhelming…

Why did we choose Hereford? It was the perfect location to be able to walk in the Brecon Beacons as well as explore the Malvern Hills which is a perfect weekend for us. We decided we would stop in the Forest of Dean on route to the cottage we were going to stay at as we had never been, and obviously it’s very famous so, why not?

We googled where abouts we should go and decided that the Sculpture Trail sounded like it would be pretty cool. First things first, we underestimated how busy the place would be. I mean yeah it was a bank holiday weekend, and yeah it was good weather but jeeze! So busy. It took two laps of the car park to find anywhere to place the car and we ended up ramming it into the side of a ditch.

Nevertheless we had arrived and found the beginning of the trail. We ate our lunch quickly and began the walk. I’m not going to lie, the ‘sculptures’ were pretty rubbish. The first thing we saw was literally a pile of mud? Woop-de-doo Basil, how long did that take to sculpt?!

However, we were somewhere new and enjoyed the walk in the woods. We were glad there was some tree cover as it was surprisingly very hot and having a little black dog with us, any form of cooling is deeply appreciated. The next thing to state is that there was no way of knowing where we were on the trail and how long it would take unless you paid for a map. We hadn’t prepared for a massive hike but it took two hours or so to finally get back round to the beginning, The only positive drawn from the walk was seeing the hanging stained glass window which was pretty cool. I wouldn’t be rushing back though.

See! It is pretty cool

After our unexpected lengthy walk in the forest it was a blessing to arrive at the cottage. It looked so nice! I could have easily thought I was in a foreign country. Poppy loved it. The garden was huge for her to run in and Lauren loved it too, both refusing to come inside unless food was on offer. I was instructed I couldn’t park on the grass outside the cottage because it would ruin Lauren’s view. We had a little BBQ outside that evening and it was just really pleasant in general.

We knew we’d walk up Pen-Y-Fan because I’ve always wanted to, and we decided we’d get up and leave to avoid the midday heat. I don’t know whether it was excitement, or I just really need to wee but I was up at 6 raring to go. We ate breakfast and arrived at the car park nice and early. We had chosen a walk that would take us up 4 of the local peaks and was about 15km in length. The worst part was the beginning, climbing up what felt like Kilimanjaro, but was actually much smaller. Either way it was steep and not fun, but once we made it to the top it meant we could follow the ridge line all the way to Pen-Y-Fan with some epic views. On the way back down, the path was very stony and after a while it was uncomfortable on the knees. Once we got home, it was time for an immediate shower as we were literally disgusting. Having to peel our clothes off, we were that sweaty. Yum. I hope you’re not eating? 😉

That evening we decided to go to the local pub for dinner as we couldn’t be bothered to cook. It was a lovely pub in a nice setting but it was slightly odd. You couldn’t order food and drinks at the same time. Odd. And we also seemed to sit at the only table which wasn’t in the booking system. Odd. But hey ho, when the food did arrive, it was delicious.

The following day we decided we wanted a nice chilled out time. So, we went to a local part of the river which had a perfect paddling spot for Poppy and a great place to just chill out for us. It was really nice and quiet, and again, you could feel like you were in a different country. That was until ‘ALFIEEEEE!!!’, a soaking wet Labrador ran through our picnic blanket and then an army of families turned up. We knew it was too good to be true. The family sat right in front of us when they literally had acres of space to choose from. This was our lovely, peaceful river chill out ruined so we decided that we’d make a move back to the cottage. Luckily the cottage was very peaceful, just no river. However, Poppy didn’t seem to mind being back in her private garden.

After another evening of a BBQ it was off to bed and up early to come back to the Miami of the UK. I hope you had as good a weekend as we did although you may not remember what you did now as it was so long ago!

We are always looking for different adventures to go on. If you have any suggestions of where we should go, please let us know!

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