How to Celebrate Valentines with your most significant other – your four-legged furry friend.

It’s that time again – the day that those with that special someone in their lives declare their undying affection for one another. Yet, are we all forgetting our one true love? Or are we all just in a state of denial, not wanting to reveal that our dog is so often our go-to snuggle-buddy.

So, alongside the usual stream of compliments you give your pup about their beauty, ability to devour a meal in record speed and tendency to dirty carpets quicker than a you can say Valentine’s Day, the burning question is –  how do we TRULY show our undying appreciation to an animal that is usually content when left for a nap, most definitely does not have a craving for chocolate and will certainly not gaze lovingly at a bunch of roses.

However, after thorough testing (a few tries over the years with my own four-legged valentine), here are the ideas that seem to get the tail wagging.

  • A nice long walk – I mean, they wouldn’t be a dog if they didn’t like walking, right? This is a special occasion though, so maybe treat them to somewhere new or an old favourite that is sure to unearth a can of new smells. Let’s face it, nobody wants to go to the same old park, doing the same old walk on the big V Day.
  • A massage. Put your hand up if you don’t love a massage. Ok, no hands up. You know what to do, get them up on the sofa with you and give them a good old rub. If you’re feeling extra friendly, give them a nice bath and a brush too, a proper spa day! Unless they don’t like a bath… or a brush.
  • Buy them a new toy – if your dog is anything like mine and toys are usually limited to the ‘indestructible range’ then bringing home a soft, fluffy, fully chewable toy will provide the most satisfaction. For 5 minutes anyway… maybe even 2 minutes for those ‘pro destroyers’.
  • Bake them a treat – admittedly, probably not the ‘Lady and the Tramp’ type treat that you can share whilst gazing into each other’s eyes. Unless you have a hankering for a baked cheesy delight. Or to be fair, whilst you’re at the shop getting them their new toy, pick up a bone. They’re not going to appreciate the effort you’ve put into baking something but will definitely appreciate anything delicious that goes their way!
  • Romantic meal? Well, it is Valentine’s after all. If you fancy going all out with your celebrations, then I for one would love to see a picture of your pooch enjoying their fine dining experience. Tag us in your snaps on Instagram!

And remember, you’re never truly alone if you’ve got a dog by your side.

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