In case you were ever considering it, here’s 5 Reasons to NEVER become a dog walker.

Imagine spending your day knowing full well that nobody will dare to come within five metres of you once spotting your bangles d’poo bags – and that’s without getting within sniffing distance. Being privy to the secret toilet spots of your four-legged friends aka. the boot of the car – need I say any more? Finally, just in case you were still considering your career prospects as a poo-bag-carrying, dog-lead-untangling extraordinaire, add in countless torrential downpours and I’m sure you’ll be on your way to picturing your future career.  

For those persistent characters who really want to hear the ruff and tumble of a career in dog walking, here’s 5 reasons that are sure to stop you in your tracks.

1.Your sole company for the day is an animal that cannot even communicate its thanks for taking it on an all-terrain adventure.

Seriously?! Who’d want to do that? Spend the majority of their day with gorgeous woofers that, despite not being able to communicate in the more socially-accepted way, want to show you nothing but love and face-licks? Especially when they give you faces like this…

2. Your working day is spent walking – an awful lot of walking.

That’s right! Instead of paying to go to the gym to keep fit you will actually be paid to do it. Who’d want to that? I mean, make money AND keep fit? Weirdos… Side note:  10k steps a day is a doddle.

3. Spend most of your time outdoors – in all weathers…

You’re probably sat under artificial light in a stuffy office. Undoubtedly, it’s raining, as let’s face it, we live in England. I can tell you’re reassuring yourself that you couldn’t think of anything worse than being stuck outside in the rain right now. But take a peek….

My office vs yours. I think there’s a clear winner here.

4. You get to be your own boss, and yes that means taking charge of all areas of running a business. Alone.

You get to be in charge of everything. Yes, I am the face of the business, finance manager and admin assistant. But I can be the King of all of these, from anywhere I wish to be and if I spend my afternoon looking at dog photos that totally counts as market research, right..?

5. DOGS!

Not sure if I have mentioned this or not but DOGS! It literally doesn’t get any better than that!! You get to spend your time with them and they will make your life SOOO much better. (Scientifically proven don’t you know 😉)

So, in summary. It’s actually the world’s best job! Unless you’re allergic to dogs, or the outdoors, or walking…

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