Never Have a Boring Weekend Again

We woke up today with no set plans, and although there were a couple of things we needed to do, only about 5% of our day was filled. We needed to find something to do on a Sunday when the weather would be good then bad, then possibly good again. It was unpredictable to say the least. If you’re anything like me, you won’t like wasting the day so after waking up at 6AM (I know?! Madness!) I googled other things I could do to make me feel fulfilled come the end of the day.

Here are the best ideas I found which I thought I would share with you, so you know exactly what to do when you find yourself wondering what to do.

  1. Pyjama day. you’ve worked hard all week. (Haven’t you?) Have a ‘me day’. No not me but you. You get me? Have a bath, chill out and watch a film as it’s Monday tomorrow and work will not wait for anyone. Your pooch will most likely enjoy cosying up with you whilst you do this too.
  • Tidy/clean! Boring AF but very productive and you’ll be glad you’ve done it. Even if it’s only for an hour you’ll be pleased with what you have accomplished.
  • Go on an adventure. Now this is something I really would recommend. I don’t mean you need to trek through a mountain range, but maybe a microadventure? Have a look at your local area, if there is somewhere you haven’t been before, go! You never know what you might find (hopefully a dog friendly café). We went to go for a walk with Poppy at Wembury Beach today and ended up somewhere completely different when our navigator (me) took the wrong turn. Turned out to be a great walk and something we wouldn’t have thought of!
  • Go for a run with your pooch! Now I know this sounds like hell to most people but there’s one thing about going for a run, you never regret doing it. The endorphins released make you feel so good about yourself you’ll be amazed with how good you feel. Even a brisk walk would be good and we know that your dog will love this too. Although you may not thank me whilst doing it, I’m sure you’ll thank me later when you start to feel like the next Mo Farah.
  • Try and teach your dog a new trick. Always something fun to have in your box of party tricks when a friend comes over. We have taught Poppy a few tricks but there’s always room for more! Roll over, lie down, sit, wait, jump into your arms, the possibilities are endless!? They’re super easy to teach, just use good old YouTube and you’ll be well under way. Or if you ask really nicely I might share with you how I taught Poppy (I used YouTube).
  • Create your dog an instagram! It may seem like a sad thing to do but it’s 2019 and it wouldn’t surprise me if Auntie Jackie’s sister’s brother’s boy has made an instagram for his pet stick. So you’ll be fine creating one for you pooch. There’s loads out there just look at @adventuresofpopsthecocker or @explorerpawsuk for some tips 😉. You’ll find that doing a modelling shoot for your pooch will become an obsession and before you know it your dog will be more popular than you.
  • Go to the zoo. I went to a zoo once and there was only one tiny dog there. It was a Shih Tzu.

So, there you have it. A few ideas of what you can do when you have nothing planned. If you have any better ideas then please let me know. What would you do?

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