Unpopular Opinion: Dogs Really Aren’t That Great…

There’s a lot of hype around dogs but what’s all the fuss about? Are they really that special?! Well here’s a few reasons why they aren’t really that great. In fact, they’re bloody spectacular. Without them the world of work could be incredibly difficult. Look at all these roles in which dogs contribute to our society.

Police Dogs – As the names suggests. Police dogs help the police. They can be used to chase down and detain a suspect fleeing from an area. Let’s be honest, you won’t outrun a dog. They are commonly German Shepherds and Malinois and without them, police work could be much harder.

Detection/sniffer dogs – Detection dogs too can work with the police. In these circumstances they may be sniffing out illegal narcotics. This isn’t the only thing they can do however. They can be used by the military and detect explosives, they may also be used to detect blood and human remains. (As you may have seen in Netflix’s – the Disappearance of Madeline McCann). Not only this but detection dogs can even detect disease. Even cancer!! They really are incredible. Detection dogs are commonly Labradors and Spaniels.

Search and Rescue Dogs – Being part of the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team I take a keen interest in search and rescue dogs. Seeing them work is quite the spectacle. They can track people by being air scented or trail scented. Once they have found their casualty they will alert their handler who will then take the appropriate action. Without them, a search could be incredibly difficult. Labradors and Collies are often used as search dogs.

Water Rescue – Yes that’s right. Dogs can save people in the water! They’re even used by nautical rescue teams. Often Newfoundland dogs are used for water rescue. Their size really helps them as well as their fur being waterproof and a great insulator.

Therapy Dogs – Therapy dogs offer support to sick and injured people. They can be used to help people calm down, they can detect if a seizure is going to happen and they generally help their patient to feel more at ease. My spaniel thinks she’s a therapy dog. Every time I sneeze she thinks something terrible is happening and launches her self at me and licks my ears. Although nothing is wrong it does make me laugh! Any dog can be a therapy dog, as long at they have the right temperament.

Sheep Dogs – Everyone knows sheep dogs are amazing. Watching them is quite incredible. The obedience they have is second to none and they clearly absolutely love what they ae doing. Most commonly a sheep dog is a collie as their speed and obedient nature is perfect for the role. If you ever get the chance, watch a sheep dog in action as you will surely be amazed.

Guide Dogs – Obviously we have to mention guide dogs. People would quite literally be lost without them. They are amazing animals and help improve a blind person’s life tenfold. Labradors and retrievers are the most commonly used guide dogs and they love it too.

See, dogs aren’t really that great. It’s not like they SAVE PEOPLES LIVES! They are super-duper incredibly awesome. They can do so many things! They improve humans lives immensely, even just a pet. As, let’s face it, they are part of the family. No wonder they are man’s best friend and a woman who says diamonds are her best friends, has clearly never had a dog.

I really must apologise that there are no photos of these dogs but as I don’t have any myself I’d have to pay for the right to use other people’s photos so to make up for it, here are some cute pictures of Poppy from when she was a puppy. It was her Birthday this week too!!

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